A Comic

CHILD: (happily speaking crude images of fruits)


CHILD: (defiantly) SNOT

PARENT: (sternly) child.

PARENT: (slaps censor bar on child’s speech)

CHILD: (defeatedly tried to speak but speech is now covered in censor bar)

PARENT: (thinks, revealing parent’s thoughts are censored)

CHILD: (frantically tries to warn parent of approaching monster, but child’s speech remains censored).

PARENT: HUSH, child.

CHILD: (surprises monster, capturing it in a thought bubble)

CHILD: (slaps censor bar on the thought bubble containing the monster)

PARENT AND CHILD: (both think, both thoughts are now censored)

PARENT: (tosses child a key ring with a house key, car key and bottle opener)



A Comic

CANVASSER: (knocking) *konk onk knok onk knk*

CONTACT: (opens door) Konk onk knonk onk knk?


CONTACT: I’m Steve

CANVASSER: How are you?

CONTACT: I’m good.

CANVASSER: Today I am canvassing. I am canvassing for the rights of canvassers. I am collecting signachers n letters n a fundraiser to meet a goal. Capeesh Caposh, Oshkosh B’gosh. B’gosh B’gosh. B’gosh B’gosh.

CONTACT: Kpeesh Kpash, Oshkosh Bagash. Bagash Bagash [etc.]

CANVASSER: (thinking:) 🆙

Do you agree that there should be a law that makes it illegal for people not to open the door for a canvasser?

CONTACT: (reaching for clipboard) Isn’t that taxes?

CANVASSER’S THUMB: (now wearing a tiny hat and holding a tiny clipboard and pen, thinking:) Y yes it is it is taxes.